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Easily transforming your home is possible with a few construction materials and the expert help of reliable remodelling experts! If you are hoping to make your home look as outstanding as possible, be sure to rely on an exceptional remodelling service! At BB'S Home Renovations, we offer excellent renovation solutions for all homes in Saint Marys, ON and the several surrounding areas. Continue reading to know the details of each service!

Our Excellent Services

Fence Installation and Deck Construction

Fence Installation and Deck Construction
Your home's exterior spaces can also be transformed with the help of our dependable home remodelling company! We can help you build an outstanding deck in a shape and size that fits your needs or install a dependable and sturdy fence of your chosen material to delimitate your property!

Home Renovation

Home Renovation
Our home remodelling specialists can team up with you to renovate and fully transform all your living spaces! With us, every room in your home will receive special attention, and we will make sure to integrate your functional requirements and preferred aesthetic elements into the project.

Drywall Construction and Repair

Drywall Construction and Repair
If you plan on building new division walls inside a room or creating a beautiful ceiling without the mess of traditional construction methods, you should consider relying on the versatility and simple installation of drywall. Our experts can handle all your drywall construction and repair needs!

Patio and Retaining Wall Construction

Patio and Retaining Wall Construction
Building a new patio or excellent retaining walls to keep all your garden plants in line is a “must” for your exterior renovation project! Let our professional exterior construction specialists be in charge of the project and expect the most outstanding results that you can imagine!

Interior and Exterior Painting Services

Interior and Exterior Painting Services
Putting new colours in your home's rooms can help you refresh each environment's energy and provide you with customized atmospheres! Be sure to select your favourite shades for each space and allow our experts to flawlessly apply them to walls, ceilings, and other similar surfaces.

Concrete Construction

Concrete Construction
We can start any remodelling project from scratch and use concrete to build a great variety of structures and surfaces! You can rely on us for excellent concrete paving and construction in different areas of your home. Our excellent construction results won't disappoint you!


We are also trained to help you design and install a beautiful natural paradise in your home! Let us guide you through the process of selecting plants and other natural and hardscaping elements for your landscape. With our help, you will have the amazing garden, front yard, or backyard of your dreams.

Transform Your Property

Renovation projects are ideal for boosting the functionality of homes! For example, a personalized kitchen remodelling project can give you a useful and stunning space where to cook delicious meals for you and your family, whereas a new fence can protect your property from the invasion of unwanted visitors. Plus, these types of projects can also increase the market value of most properties!

How Our Work Is Done

We do professional remodelling work with an excellent eye for detail and an exceptional dedication to meeting the needs of our valued clients. Our team focuses on finding solutions within a budget to fully transform homes and make them more suitable to host our clients’ daily activities. Plus, we make use of dependable remodelling techniques and high-quality materials so we can ensure amazing results!

The Areas We Cover

We can meet you and get down to work on your project, regardless of your location! If you are interested in investing in our bathroom remodelling service, or any other of our home renovation solutions, you can feel free to request the details if you live in Saint Marys, ON or the following areas:

  • South Huron, ON
  • Dorchester Thames Centre, NB
  • Elgin Rd Thames Centre, ON
  • Huron East, ON

Our team is excited to put all their efforts and hearts into your home’s transformation project and give you your dream house as soon as possible! Please, be sure to schedule your consultation appointment directly with BB'S Home Renovations by phone. Call us today!

Client Testimonials

by Gilbert S. Shriner on BB'S Home Renovations
Excellent Service!

I am glad to recommend this company's bathroom remodelling service! Every part of the renovation process of my home's bathroom was excellent, and the team listened to all my specific requests for the space. I am a very pleased client!

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